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Driving Sustainable Change in the Auto Parts Industry

It is more important than ever for the auto parts industry to evolve.

We're ISO 27001 compliant – What that means for you

This certification is a testament to our commitment to information security and ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of all data in the Partly platform.

Summer Internship 2022 Wrap up

Hear from Graham, Rachel, Vincent and Leo about their internship at Partly.

VIN Matching, VIN Lookup, & VIN Decoding: What's the difference?

A VIN, or chassis number or frame number is a unique code used to identify vehicles. We’ll cover common use cases of VINs in the auto parts industry.

A Guide to Auto Parts Compatibility Data for Retailers and Resellers 

Integrating auto parts compatibility to online channels is essential for a successful eCommerce strategy that meets the expectations of the modern consumer.

Auto Parts Cross Reference Explained

Cross-reference part numbers, a.k.a. interchangeable or equivalent part numbers are used within the parts data industry to link two parts that should be (mostly) the same.

Vehicle Fitment Data: Comparing Defined Fitment vs Config Fitment

Vehicle fitment data is one of the most critical aspects of any automotive parts business

Accurate Vehicle Fitment: The Key to Increase the Conversion Rate of Automotive e-Commerce Stores

In an ever-growing world, e-commerce emerges as a shining star in the field of aftermarket parts sales. Experts believe that e-commerce sales will increase exponentially in the upcoming years, opening up the window for new business ventures.

How to Use Vehicle Fitment Data on Your Online Auto Parts Listings

Fitment data is a particularly important part of any car parts ecommerce website. Fitment data provides customers certainty about whether certain parts will fit their car or not, aiding in the decision-making process, and ultimately, leading to sales. Given the impact on conversion, it is extremely important to include fitment data in an online car parts store to ensure that customers find the parts they need.

How to Add Vehicle Fitment Data to an Online Car Part Store

The leading cause for missed sales and returned orders in auto parts e-commerce is missing fitment data. Fitment data (which includes vehicle compatibility, cross-references, and other part details) can be a nightmare to manage and is a pain to intuitively display on a website.

Car Part Cataloguing software Makes it Easier to find Aftermarket Parts

For the aftermarket parts industry, online car parts selling is a new promising horizon waiting for daring entrepreneurs to explore. In fact, according to the McKinsey report, it is expected that e-commerce will soon become a critical part of the industry, as consumers increasingly make purchases through online car parts stores. 

How are Aftermarket Parts Catalogues Different from OEM Catalogues?

OEM catalogs are designed based on the particular vehicle and will contain assembly-level diagrams. This is very useful when looking to replace one individual part.

A Guide for Managing a Car Parts Catalogue

A car parts catalogue is an integral part of any auto parts e-commerce website. The catalogue is the database of inventory list for all the parts available to be sold and includes fundamental information about the parts including the vehicle compatibility information.

What’s New at Partly - April 2022 Update

In the past months, the team has been busy working on some new features that I'm excited to share with you.

What’s New at Partly - January 2022 Update

There have been some major and exciting changes in PartsPal that we're excited to share with you including the new dashboard, improved vehicle selector, and new cross-reference data.

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