We’re a strong, ambitious, and skilled team getting stuck in and solving problems that matter, all from Christchurch, New Zealand.

The automotive parts industry is worth 1.9 trillion dollars annually, and we’re making a huge impact.

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Partly Startup Team New Zealand

Our team is diverse and ambitious

Our team is diverse, young and ambitious. We’re passionate about understanding data, the problems our customers are facing, and solving interesting problems in unique ways.

Our technology supports both small and enterprise parts businesses to utilise our vehicle and parts data standard - allowing them to match parts with the correct vehicle fitment. We empower manufacturers, distributors, dealers and dismantlers to sell auto parts online, anywhere.

Partly builds smart software solutions to solve the most difficult problems in the automotive parts industry.

Our leadership team

Partly startup co-founder Levi Fawcett
Levi Fawcett
Co-founder and CEO
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Partly startup co-founder Nathan Taylor
Nathan Taylor
Co-founder and COO
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Partly startup co-founder Mark Song
Mark Song
Co-founder and CMO
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Partly startup leadership team Harrison Uffindel
Harry Uffindell
VP Operations & Growth
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Partly startup co-founder Evan Jia
Evan Jia
Co-founder, Head of
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Our advisors and partners

Partly startup advisor Peter Beck
Peter Beck
Founder and CEO
Partly startup advisor Tony Austin
Tony Austin
Country Lead, Australia
Partly startup advisor Pierre Malou
Pierre Malou
Partly startup advisor Michal Klar
Michal Klar
Former CEO OLX
Partly startup advisor Samantha Wong Blackbird Ventures
Samantha Wong
Partner at Blackbird
Partly startup advisor Rob Vickery
Rob Vickery
Partner at Hillfarrance
Partly startup advisor Clinton Geissler
Clinton Geissler
Partner at Icehouse

Our values

Inspire through ambition
Set crazy big goals, pursue excellence, and move fast to achieve our mission. Aspire to be best in the world at what you do. Jump out of your comfort zone, and keep a growth mindset.

Assume best intentions
Trust each other, be positive and over-communicate. When we're unsure or disagree, there's probably context lacking.

Optimise for impact
Aim for the most simple and effective solutions. Start from first principles and approach problems with a beginners mind. Be a voracious learner.

Act like an owner
Take responsibility, look for solutions and do what needs to be done. Care deeply about the mission. Take initiative, don't wait for instructions, and be comfortable with ambiguity.

Be radically candid
Remain open, honest and challenge directly. Ask questions and over-index on feedback. We know healthy discussions include disagreements.