Summer Internship 2022 Wrap up

October 4, 2023

Our team at Partly has recently graduated 4 amazing interns and we couldn't be more thrilled that they've all decided to continue with us in some capacity. It's been an incredible journey watching them learn, grow and make meaningful contributions to our team.

This milestone is a testament to our goal of becoming the best startup to work for in the Asia Pacific region.

What were your first impressions at Partly?

Graham (Data Scientist)

My first week, at Partly was very, very intense. There was a lot to learn and it was cool to be thrown into the deep end to see all the different facets of the company. I got to see everything from sales to data to the engineering side of things. By seeing how it all connected, I could see how I was a better fit for the team.

Leo (Data Coordinator)

The first week! I had a lot of questions, but everybody gave me a big hand, supporting me and answering my questions.

Vincent (Software Engineer)

It was a huge step up in comparison to the work I've done at uni.

You have to work with other engineers, more experienced and knowledgeable than you, and you're going to work on a much more complex system than you would ever work on at uni. You’ll learn a lot about how to solve real-life complex problems.

What did you work on at Partly?

Rachel (Software Engineer): An example of something I worked on is the user insights dashboard on PartsPal. It’s designed to give category managers an overview of all of their parts catalogue.

G: I worked on Partly’s Universal Database, which is a massive source of vehicles. I researched, developed and improved an algorithm for mapping external vehicles to our vehicle database. I find that work incredibly, incredibly rewarding and incredibly challenging, and I've just been able to really dive in and own the project.

V: I was initially assigned a project to work on progress tracking on PartsPal which is our Catalog management system for the part seller. It was challenging as it required an in-depth understanding of every progress in the system.

L: I worked in the data transformation team. I think of us as the bridge between hard, difficult-to-understand data to easy, readable data. We map, ingest clean, and interpret parts and vehicle data on behalf of our customers

How did you find the team?

V: People are very friendly, they're very social, they do a lot of activity outside their work and they welcome you to join them and have fun with them.

R: I found it very organic and easy to talk to people. There are people who come from similar backgrounds to me and there's people who come from completely different backgrounds. This doesn't really get in the way of you talking to other people tend to eat lunch together every day, and you're not confined to just your particular team, which is really awesome.

What’s your advice to future interns?

V: I suggest you do be very honest with your application, show your good work and your passion and acknowledge your limitation and your weaknesses.

R: Don't be afraid to ask questions and provide your opinion.

G: Don't be afraid to jump in and rock the boat and bring your own ideas and really own those ideas.

Thank you to our interns for their hard work and dedication, and to our team for making them feel welcomed and supported.