Source of truth for your auto parts information

Consolidate your data with a next-generation Product Information Management software. Partly PIM is purpose-built to handle the complexities of auto parts management at scale.

No more working
in silos

“Partly PIM has been an absolute game changer for us. The ease of receiving data and adding vehicles to parts has 10x our team’s workflow”

William Lucas

General Manager

Receive brand data
- in real time

Manufacturers and suppliers can onboard data through CSV files, API integrations, and powerful data management apps. Brand data and updates are received in your account in seconds, not months.

Make localised improvements to your account

Gain a competitive advantage by enriching your information. Partly PIM’s user interface allows you to easily:

Add or remove vehicle compatibility

Add custom restrictions

Add part type specific attributes

Customise products for each sales channel and publish in seconds

Optimise your parts information for marketplaces, trade portal and website by setting pricing rules, and generating titles and descriptions from brand data. Any updates to your catalog can be published to your sales channels instantly.

Partly PIM

All the features
you expect
and more

Parts Data Management

Part type classifications

Standardise your category tree by using Partly Researched part type naming convention

Part type attributes

Manage attributes specific to each part type

Custom restrictions

Add additional vehicle properties for situations where you need more granular fitment

Cross references

Manage and search for related parts, with records of the relationship


Manage the status of parts that are discontinued

Catalog Manager Workflow


Your cataloguing teams can work on Partly PIM cross-platform from anywhere in the world

Bulk data updates

Make changes in bulk using CSV files

Private labelling

Sell 3rd-party parts with your branding, while still inheriting parts information

Intuitive user interface

Dedicated interface built to speed up category managers’ workflow

Data access controls

Manufacturers can authorise sellers to view and access their data


Regionalised vehicle data

Manage vehicle compatibility for car parts by regions

Defined and config fitment

Manage North America and Rest of World fitment styles for the same part

Part type alias

Manage and search for part types based on localised terminology

Multi language

Translate part information to any language



Integrate with your internal platforms and external partners

App Store

Utilise Partly Apps or build custom private apps on top of the Partly Platform


ISO27001 Compliant

Partly is committed to the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your data


Built to handle massive data and user volumes

Explore Partly PIM

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