Our story starts with a huge unsolved data problem

The auto parts industry has a global market size of $1.9 trillion annually.

Despite its size, it is traditional and largely offline due to extremely complex data challenges. There are millions of vehicle configurations, hundreds of millions of parts, and trillions of connections between them.

As a result, data is fragmented with no common language across brands and countries.

Taking auto parts out of the dark ages

Discovering the problem

AUG 2020

Partly's founders encountered this problem running a general classified marketplace. They consistently observed that listing vehicle parts presented a significant hurdle for their sellers. As buyers of parts themselves, the founders also recognized the difficulty of sourcing parts in an industry that was still largely offline and phone-based.

After going down the rabbit hole and deeply researching the automotive data landscape, they decided to start Partly in 2020 with one mission in mind:
To connect the world's parts
Finding our fit


With an early team on board and funding secured, we built the core infrastructure for structuring and standardizing vehicle and parts data, and solved problems for some of the world’s largest auto parts retailers, manufacturers, OEMs, insurance providers, and marketplaces.
Bringing in the top guns

APR 2022

Tony Austin joined Partly as co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer.

Prior to joining Partly, Tony held several leadership positions at Amazon, including Country Manager for Amazon Global in Australia and New Zealand. Before that, Tony served as the Head of eBay Motors UK, where he oversaw the profit and loss management and strategy development for vehicles and parts & accessories (both multi-billion dollar categories) and led eBay Motors to be the largest automotive player in the global Vehicle Parts and Accessory space.

“It was clear from the beginning that Partly’s approach was truly revolutionary. I’ve witnessed first-hand how inadequate automotive parts cataloguing is, and how it impacts millions of automotive parts buyers and fitters globally, every second of every day.”

Tony Austin

London calling

AUG 2022

We opened our headquarters in London, and moved into our Christchurch Engineering hub office.
Tour our office
Fuel on the fire

DEC 2022

Partly raised a USD$21 million Series A in December 2022 led by Octopus Ventures.
Partlings assemble


Since Partly’s inception, we’ve been assembling the best and brightest minds in the tech and auto industries. Individually, they are all impressive, but as a team have accomplished some truly exceptional things.
We just opened our Auckland office and now have Partlings of over 18 nationalities based in 10 cities around the world.

That brings us to today

Partly is seeing unprecedented momentum in the adoption of the Partly Standard as the global standard for vehicle and parts data, and have proven that our solutions make a meaningful impact on part buyers and sellers alike.

However, we’re just getting started. We have some extremely difficult problems to tackle and solving them will make Partly one of the most impactful and valuable companies in the world.

This is the pivotal moment. We are looking for more ambitious and talented people to join the Partly rocket ship.

Join us now.