Shopify Integration

Create a great buyer experience on Shopify with a vehicle selector.

Built by Partly

Sales Channel

Create a great buyer experience on Shopify with a vehicle selector.

  • Increase conversion and reduce return rates
  • Manage and access data in one place
  • Publish catalogue updates to Shopify in seconds
How it works

Shopify tags system is useful in many cases but is unable to provide vehicle filtering due to the complexity of vehicle compatibility.

Partly manages your e-commerce store’s entire filtering capabilities to help your buyer find the right parts.

  • Vehicle selector: We embed a vehicle selector on your theme homepage. Your buyer will be able to find their vehicle through a vehicle lookup or a license plate search*
  • Collection page: They will be directed to a custom collection page with compatible parts. They will be able to further refine their search by part types, brands, attributes and tags.
  • Fitment checker: A fitment check on your product page will guarantee fitment.

*Available in select countries


We will provide consultation whether a Shopify Integration will suit your e-commerce needs and be the best way to proceed. We will also provide an integration and onboarding service.

Pricing Plans

Multi-channel Retail Pricing

Supported Regions


Increase buyer confidence with listing data that enables eBay’s buyer side features such as: My Garage, Vehicle Selector, ‘fits/doesn’t fit’ messaging, ‘find parts that fit’, and Rego Search.

Primary & manual mode


New & Existing Listing Management

Import existing listings from eBay to the Partly PIM

Create new listings in the Partly PIM and publish to eBay

Multi-Region Support

Manage listings across multiple eBay marketplaces

Manage region-specific fitment on your listings from a global vehicle list

Master Vehicle List Management

Access to Partly’s UDEFs

Maintained mapping from UDEFs to eBay MVL

Parts Data

Publish a universal tag to your eBay listings

Add item specifics in the Partly PIM and publish them to your listings

Human-assisted machine learning part type classifications

Parts Data

Manage your eBay product data from the Partly PIM, including: title, description, condition, price, stock/inventory, images, return, payment and fulfilment policies.

Manage bulk changes in the Partly PIM with .csv uploads