PartsPal for Shopify Overview

What is PartsPal?

PartsPal is a Saas solution for auto parts businesses to manage inventory, fitment data and e-commerce. PartsPal's integration with Shopify allows sellers to add and automatically match parts fitment to their products, add a Year Make Model filter and vehicle fitment check to their store, and manage orders from multiple sales channels in one place.

Why PartsPal?

Having auto parts fitment is crucial for an auto parts online store. However, the complexities of auto parts and fitment leads means its very difficult or impossible for Shopify stores to implement it. PartsPal's app solves the key problems for these sellers.

Managing fitment

When a user uploads their inventory, PartsPal automatically matches their product with a catalog part from GAPC (Global Auto Parts Catalog). The GAPC catalog part contains fitment data information, descriptions and detail, and some cases photos and diagram.

Displaying fitment

Because auto parts fitment is so complicated and has a large structure, displaying auto parts fitment information properly to customers is not viable. There have been attempts to use a tag system on Shopify, but because of the Shopify tag limit but is not a possible solution and can only be done properly by using PartsPal.

Details about how it works

Code Integration

PartsPal integrates some code into the Shopify theme in order to display Year Make Model YMM (auto parts information) filters, and vehicle selector. There is code added to create a section on the homepage, and three snippets of code added to product pages. Full details around how this code is added can be found on our tutorial page here.

We generate collection pages

In order for PartsPal to display fitment filters on browse/category pages, PartsPal generates  'collection page' automatically integrated into the connected Shopify website, then the PartsPal user adds a product into a PartsPal category. This is important to note because the collection pages inside of Shopify CANNOT be used to direct website users/customers around the website while viewing fitment information.

Where to find PartsPal collection pages URL

PartsPal Inventory Manager > select a Product > Sales Channel (on the quick view panel) > Category


You will be able to add minor CSS changes to customize the Year Make Model YMM selector to your theme.

If you have any questions, reach out at