PartsPal - eBay Integration Overview

This overview is intended for users of the PartsPal integration with the European (individual countries), United Kingdom, and Australian eBay marketplaces. The USA eBay marketplace is treated slightly differently and an overview is covered in a separate article.

PartsPal integrates with eBay by publishing products from your PartsPal inventory to the eBay marketplace. This includes publishing the following details:

  • Title
  • Price
  • Description
  • Images
  • Stock
  • Vehicle fitment data

The most unique and important attribute of the above is vehicle fitment data. It is worth explaining how PartsPal publishes the fitment data to work within eBay's system.

Publishing fitment data to eBay via PartsPal is possible because all of the vehicle data mapping work has already been done for you. PartsPal utilizes UVDB (the Universal Vehicle Database) as the source of all Vehicle Data which is utilized within the PartsPal software. UVDB has been internally mapped to the eBay master vehicle list.

This means that when you link your inventory with GAPC and UVDB (complete parts) within PartsPal, the vehicle fitment that displays within PartsPal will be published to the eBay vehicle filtering system.

PartsPal vehicle fitment example.

eBay vehicle fitment equivalent example.