Duplicating listings

PartsPal duplicating system was designed to make it faster to on-boarding listings.

Lets see this in application.

Step 1: List a part using the Quick List App

In this example, we listed a Window Switch using the quick list app. This part will appear in your inventory manager. As this part is very similar to another part, we will be able to duplicate the other part's description and details.

Step 2: Select a listing similar to the part you're on-boarding. Click Duplicate

Rather than filling in the details or the new part manually, we've going to duplicate the details of a similar part already in the inventory.

The duplicate button is on the quick preview on the right.

Step 3: Search for the new part.

Search for the new part you want to duplicate the detail to.

The duplicated listing will replace the title and photo of the new part, but maintain the description and other details.

If you still have any questions, you can reach out at support@parts-pal.com

How to adjust stock

There are 2 ways to adjust your product stock '1. Adjust stock manually' and '2. Adjust stock via CSV file'.

1. Adjust stock manually

Here in PartsPal inventory manager, we take the part Air Injection Pump as an example to demonstrate how to make stock adjustment. Before we make changes, we can see the original stock on hand of this part is 4.

To adjust stock, we need to click Stock Control tab on the left sidebar.

Then click Create Stock Adjustment.

Search the part name Air Injection Pump that we want to adjust stock, and select from search result.

In quantity change, we put "1" here as we want to add 1 more part to stock. If we want to decrease stock quantity by 1, we need to put "-1".

After filling up quantity change, we can fill other information in Location and Reason if necessary.

Finally, click Save to finish stock adjustment.

Then we can go back to inventory manager, search the part that we just made stock adjustment on. And we can see the number of stock has been changed from 4 to 5.

2. Adjust stock via CSV file

Download the sample CSV file from here and fill the required columns.

Stocklist Flatfile Candidate.xlsx

Upload the file via Feed File Manager.

If you still have any questions, you can reach out at support@parts-pal.com

How to use the Product Mapper to complete products

Once you've uploaded your inventory, you will be to see how many complete products and incomplete products you have on dashboard.

What is a complete product?

A complete product has the minimum requirements needed for PartsPal to publish the product on your sales channels. These requirements are

  • The product is linked to a catalog part from Global Auto Parts Catalog (GAPC)
  • Your product needs a part number and brand
  • The product has a price

Product Mapper

PartsPal has a tool to help you add this missing information quickly and efficiently to your inventory. To access this tool, go to Uploads on the left sidebar, and click Data Mapper, then click Product mapper.

Note that only your incomplete products will be shown here.

From the product mapper, there are 3 actions you can take:

  1. Add your price
  2. Linking your product to a GAPC part by searching for the part number
  3. Adding an image (not necessary to complete a part)
PartsPal will automatically attempt to link your product to Global Auto Parts Catalog. If the product doesn't link automatically, this may be because:
- You don't have all the information necessary in your listing
- You have the information, but PartsPal was unable to detect it (e.g. The part number was in the description but not detected)
- The part does not exist in GAPC

In the first two cases, you will be able to manually search for catalog part in GAPC in the search box.

Once a product is complete, it disappears from the list immediately. To load more products (e.g. because you have mapped all the products displayed), click the refresh button on the top right of the screen.

If a part number does not exist in the Global Auto Parts Catalog, you can add the part to the catalog by clicking the option which should appear below the search box.

How to export your product and stock data file

1. Export your product and stock data to a CSV file

You can export the CSV file that contains products information in your inventory. The file will be sent to your email.