The Big Challenge

There are two main challenges that automotive ecommerce businesses are currently facing:

  1. Managing vehicle fitment data, and
  2. Providing an online vehicle fitment check system.

What makes these problems so difficult is the sheer number of auto parts, vehicles and the differences between countries, standards and regions. There are many different formats and data standards that need to be dealt with in an auto parts business’s daily transactions and inventory management.

Managing data is difficult enough, and even more so when a business needs to find a proper ecommerce platform that can support the huge amount of data that is auto parts fitment. Besides this, integrating auto parts data with ecommerce and  providing a friendly fitment check system for online customers to use is also a big problem.

PartsPal is software designed to solve the above problems and makes auto parts fitment management accessible to small and medium sized businesses. The system links in with a large database of 45 million part numbers UVDB and GAPC (both OEM and aftermarket) along with fitment information.  The smart fitment search system is smart enough to automatically match interchangeable parts with vehicles and parts.

The system allows users to add their own fitment and edit data as the auto parts industry grows and evolves. It supports part fitment for vehicle years, sub-models, vehicle configurations, engine codes, tires, wheels and more. It also can be used to keep track of fitment for parts inventory, and publish data to websites and ecommerce sales channels, or be accessed via an API.

About Global Auto Parts Catalog (GAPC)

About GAPC

Fitment data information can be very expensive and complicated to implement. GAPC is an auto parts catalog which is community and industry driven. The easiest way to think of GAPC is like a Wikipedia for Auto Parts Data. The GAPC returns details about the part, as well as the fitment information from Base vehicle to vehicle configuration.

Managing Catalog Parts using PartsPal

PartsPal user friendly interface allows you to browse and manage GAPC easily. In your GAPC manager, you can deselect the "Only show my parts" checkbox to view the entire catalog.

You can browse parts by vehicle, category, brand or engine.

Or by categories.

You can use PartsPal GAPC manager to add or edit information on GAPC. This includes:

  • Managing Details
  • Managing Fitment (Base Vehicle, Full Vehicle, Engine)
  • Managing Cross Reference Parts

Managing Details

Managing Fitment (Base Vehicle, Full Vehicle, Engine)

Managing Cross Reference Parts

The manager will come in useful when you need to quickly add or edit particular fitment for products. If you want to add fitment information in bulk, you can do so by adding a CSV file.

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Searching GAPC

When you upload your products to PartsPal, the software will automatically match your products to a catalog part, returning the part details and fitment information.

However, there are many cases where you might want to search or browse GAPC catalog to get details for fitment information about a part. This tutorial will guide you on how to search GAPC.

1) Fitment Check Tab

On the left hand navigation menu, select the "Fitment Check" icon (location at the bottom of the menu).

The icon opens a modal box, where you can search GAPC with your Part Number.

2) GAPC Manager

Alternatively, if you don't have your part number available, you can browse the Global Auto Parts Catalog by:

  • Category
  • Brand
  • Vehicle

On the left hand navigation menu, select the GAPC icon.

In the GAPC manager, the window will only show your parts (Your products that have been linked to a part automatically). You can use this manager to edit your catalog part information.

How to manually create and edit a catalog part

However, you can deselect the checkbox "Only show my parts" to browse for all the parts in GAPC.

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