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Standardise your marketplace's automotive data with Partly

Access detailed and accurate fitment data from Partly Database

Partly Database contains 45 million catalogue parts with vehicle compatibility. This includes over 4,000 OE, OEM and aftermarket brands.

Global standard for vendors to add their fitment

UVDB is a detailed industry-standard vehicle list that's maintained and updated by Partly weekly. Vendors can add and distribute fitment easily by matching their parts to UVDB vehicle definitions.

Increase conversion rates with a world-class Customer Experience

A customer will be up to a 85% more likely to convert when they're confident that a part fits their vehicle. Allow them to select and save their vehicle and browse or search only for parts that fit their vehicle.

Streamlined listing solution for vendors

Partly matches products with a catalogue part, adding a name, description, cross-references, category and vehicles compatibility to a listing automatically, saving vendors hours of manually researching and inputting information.

Listing individually

A vendor listing products one-by-one only has to search for the part number, brand and add a price and we take care of the rest.

Listing parts in bulk

PartsPal, our parts management software supports bulk upload via CSV and XML files, and feeds from Channel Integrators or API

How Partly infrastructure powers marketplaces

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Commercially open licencing

Partly's vehicle list is freely usable by your sellers, making distribution and adoption straightforward.

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Prevent duplicate listings

Without a dedicated infrastructure for fitment data, vendors often end up creating multiple listing. By linking to our global parts standard, you can deduplicate reliably (similar to ASIN/EAN/GTIN)

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