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Inventory Mangement

Auto Parts inventory management made easy

Upload and manage a large auto parts inventory with a cloud-based software built for e-commerce.

Auto parts inventory manager for fitment upload

PartsPal Feed File Manager

Import a large part list of auto parts with fitment

Import a large part list

PartsPal import from multiple suppliers and accepts multiple industry standards

Inventory manager uploaded system for auto parts

Update and manage stock

The feed manager allows you to update your stock levels in bulk. Records are kept for easy management.

Auto parts fitment cross reference aftermarket with OE equivalent

Cross reference and superseded

Manage your aftermarket part OE equivalents easily through the feed file manager.

Make bulk changes easily

Categorise your products

PartsPal will automatically attempt to match your categories with the GAPC standard. If your categories are unrecognized, you will be able to match them manually easily with the category mapper.

Product mapper

PartsPal's product mapper allows you to add product details such as price, brand and images easily. You can also manually match products to catalog parts.

Manage inventory for multiple sales channels

Keep track of your products as you sell and restock across multiple warehouse locations and sales channel

Get ahead of your competition with PartsPal

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