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Partly API

Partly API is the most detailed and complete Fitment Data API in the world

Software platform and marketplaces use Partly API to provide industry standard fitment data, parts and vehicle information.

The foundation of a successful parts strategy

Our infrastructure API solution addresses the complexities and challenges of fitment data at this scale, powering businesses and enterprises to build and scale their parts platform.



OE brands

aftermarket brands

55 million

Multiple regions

catalog parts

including North America, Europe, Middle East, Oceania

Global Standardised Data

Use the industry-recognized standard to communicate with vendors, suppliers, accounting systems and more

Maintained by us

We do the heavy lifting so you can focus on what's important to you

Modern stack

GraphQL and clear documentation make PartlyAPI easy to use and distribute

Vehicle Database Configuration fitment with multiple attributes

Vehicle Configuration Compatiblity from UVDB

With vehicles evolving and becoming more configurable, base vehicle data is not accurate or sufficient enough. Utilizing UVDB, we link catalog parts directly to vehicle base properties to provide config fitment,  an extremely accurate link to real world vehicle configurations.

About UVDB
Global Auto Parts Catalog showing GraphQl Database relationship between parts and vehicle configuration

Detailed catalog parts information from GAPC

Global Auto Parts Catalog is the most detailed and accurate parts catalog in the world, providing part information such as name, description, dimensions and weight.
GAPC communicates with multiple data standards and marketplaces around the world.

About GAPC