Boost sales, reduce returns and save time on eBay.

Use Partly to optimise your listings with parts compatibility.

If we weren’t using Partly's PIM - PartsPal, we wouldn’t add vehicle compatibility to new listings at all, it just wouldn’t be worth it. It can take up to 30mins to add vehicle compatibility on Maropost compared to 1min with PartsPal.

"Partly has been incredibly valuable for us as we continue to add more listings. We rely on Partly to ensure compatibility, which allows us to confidently expand our offerings. If we had to handle all the vehicle research ourselves, it would be time-consuming, forcing us to be more selective and list far fewer items."

Why add compatibilty with Partly?

Boost sales

Increase trust and your product exposure to potential buyers

Your listings will appear in part finder or license plate searches
eBay automatically adds vehicle details to your title and description
Increased visibilty from Search Engine Optimisation

Reduce returns

Having accurate compatibility will reduce your return rate and we have the tools and measures to help! Partly’s game-changing approach means that fitment accuracy is constantly improving and you benefit from regular updates to the Partly Catalog.

Marketplace illustration for auto parts fitment data API

Save time

Partly handles the heavy lifting. We use cutting-edge technology and an in-house team of data transformation experts to increase fitment coverage and publish it seamlessly to eBay.

How it works

We handle the heavy lifting, so you can focus on growing your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Partly Catalog? 


Partly Catalog is a collaborative OEM and Aftermarket Auto Parts Catalog containing over 4,000 brands. Auto parts manufacturers and sellers can access and manage part information, including part type, dimensions, weight, cross-references and compatibility.

2. What do you do about eBay MVL limitations?


Partly's vehicle standard (UVDB) has custom restrictions, which allows us to narrow down year restrictions. We also are able to push additional vehicle information to eBay as fitment notes.

3. What if I don't have structured data like part number and brand


The Partly team transforms your parts data and matches it with the eBay standard, making it easy for you to manage and optimise your listings. The Partly team can also transform unstructured data like titles and descriptions to create parts compatibility data.

Post sponsorship FAQ

1. What happens after eBay sponsorship ends for my store? Is there cost to remain connected?


Partly have multiple plans to fit your business needs and requirements, starting with Marketplace Starter, a no-obligation free plan. Hanafi and the team will be in touch to find that best suits your needs.

2. What will happen to fitment on my listings if I cancel or disconnect from Partly?


Fitment will remain on your listings if you cancel or disconnect.

You will however, not receive continuous enrichment and maintenance from Partly.

3. What is the difference between Marketplace Starter plan and paid plans?


Marketplace Starter is a Free plan that allows you to manually update fitment and publish up to 2,000 SKUs to eBay. Paid plans give you instant access to Partly Catalogue data including ongoing updates and maintenance. Additionally, paid plans include tools to accelerate and optimise the listing process as well as listing on new channels.

4. Are you still working with eBay Australia


Partly continue to work with eBay Australia in the capacity of an integration and listing optimisation partner. More info available here.

5. What if I do nothing?


Partly have multiple plans to fit your business needs and requirements, starting with Marketplace Starter, a no-obligation free plan. Hanafi and the team will be in touch to find that best suits your needs.

If we are unable to contact you over the coming days, we will move your plan to Marketplace Starter on October 1st while we find a suitable time to discuss.

6. Is fitment really helping on eBay Australia



According to eBay Australia, 1 in 2 of their buyers have a car in the “My Garage” fitment service, and sellers who add fitment to their listings increase sales potential by 40%.  They share a case study of seller Optimum Auto Parts who increased sales by 46% after adding fitment.

eBay Australia have recently launched a license plate look-up buyer experience which typically increases the use and importance of fitment.

7. How can Partly help me list new products?


Partly will soon be introducing the capability to manage all aspects of listing a new product on eBay globally.
Combining this functionality with over 4,000 brands in the Partly Catalogue means sellers can drastically reduce the time taken to create fitment-optimised listings.

In addition, Partly has, and will continue to release features that help sellers optimise their listings. An example is Global Codes (GCodes) which allow complete fitment application to a listing from a single OE reference.

8. What happens if the wrong vehicle is on my listing?


Partly work with Manufacturers worldwide and also research catalogue data in-house with a team of automotive specialists to ensure accuracy.  In addition, our consensus algorithm works around the clock to continually improve accuracy based on feedback loops from our customers.

In the rare instance where a vehicle has been incorrectly specified for a product, our team will conduct a detailed investigation and make changes where appropriate. In addition, you will be covered by eBay’s additional seller protections for having fitment on your listing. You can read more here.

9. Will I have an account manager?


Partly’s Marketplace Growth plan includes customer service support.

Partly’s Marketplace Pro plan includes customer service support and account management.

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Use Partly to optimise your listings with parts compatibility.