Get more sales on eBay with vehicle fitment data

Save thousands of hours mapping auto compatibility data to your eBay listings and increase product visibility with Partly's automated vehicle fitment solution.

Selling auto parts online with fitment data
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Manage your parts catalogue with PartsPal

Easily add and manage parts compatibility

By searching for compatible vehicles

Save hours of manually filtering and searching through spreadsheets. Our user-friendly interface allows you to search for vehicle definitions compatible with your parts.

Reference fitment data from OEM parts

Access OEM-level fitment information from Partly’s proprietary databases and cross reference with your equivalent parts. This allows you to add hundreds of vehicle fitments in seconds.

We provide parts compatibility from Partly Database

Automatically access our databases which have 42 million catalogue parts, with parts compatibility and part information. Our vehicle lists are maintained and updated weekly.

* Request demo to see the coverage of your part list

Sell on your website with our Shopify Integration

Once your information is in PartsPal you will be able to manage, distribute it with your vendors and publish it to your website with licensing costs included in your pricing. Our pre-built Shopify Integrations can get you selling on your website in a matter of days, allowing you to provide a world class buying experience for your consumers.

Parts Catalogue Management Pricing

Access all our premium features free for your first month thanks to eBay.

$49/month + 0% transaction fees*


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*Transaction fees are currently paid for by the eBay and Partly partnership.

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License Partly Database

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Data processing and translation

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