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Optimise buyer experience and scale your growth


When the end-buyers succeed at their jobs, so does your business. That’s why we start every process by understanding the buyer’s journey, their ‘Jobs To Be Done’, and potential friction. Based on this, optimisations are made to refine the buying experience and improve conversion rates.

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Take your e-commerce from 0 to 1


Auto parts e-commerce is much harder to implement than other categories due to the underlying data complexity.

Our edge lies at the intersection of world-class expertise in data science and a deep understanding of e-commerce. We’ve worked with Fortune 500 customers and understand the technical nuances involved in delivering large-scale enterprise projects.

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Help share and control data downstream


By adopting Partly’s auto data standards, brands can choose how data is shared downstream, see how it’s used and get real-time feedback from distributors.

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Save time & money with data services


Manual data adding, cleaning & mapping are time-consuming and expensive. What may have taken months can now be done in days with a good automation process.

We offer data extraction, cleaning and mapping services suitable to your business needs.

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Adopt an e-commerce-friendly data infrastructure


Partly’s data standard is flexible, allowing your company to create fully customised buyer flows, dedicated parts finders, and world-class search - all based on stable, structured and real-time data.

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Partly Insights & Strategic Consulting

Partly insights & strategic consulting

We look for strategic fit by imbuing your organisation’s long-standing advantage with our technical and data know-how.

Our team helps you set a clear direction through strategic consultation and bespoke solution architecture, instead of a cookie-cutter approach.

CX design insights
Fitment solution architecture
Ad hoc project consulting
Customer relevant metrics


Data services
We turn incomplete, inaccurate and unstructured data, into coherent and structured parts catalogues with the flexibility of being mapped to other regional standards. Our data services include:
Researching missing fitment for specific brands or parts
Creating data infrastructure for specific part types
Duplicate listing identification and removal
Gross Merchandise Value-based fitment research
Tagging universal and job fitment
Item data quality and category cleaning for fitment eligibility
Customised experience
We help you build first-class customer experience based on specific part types and attributes. Our team can work alongside your team to level up your CX and unlock new revenue opportunities.
Support & Onboarding
We ensure successful implementation and integration with your system through dedicated onboarding and customer support.

Partly’s end-to-end solutions are modular

Insights & Consulting
  • Prioritise resources for the right metric
  • Customer relevant selection
Custom Research
  • Create unique customer experiences
  • Reduce incomplete data sets
Universal Vehicle Database
  • Improve vehicle accuracy
  • Connect to global fitment
Partly Catalogue
  • Accurately identify products
  • Structure product data
  • One tool to manage all parts data
  • Native e-commerce integrations
Tony Austin Partly

Tony Austin

Partly Chief Strategy Officer and Co-founder

Tony is an experienced international e-commerce executive with leadership experience across Product Management, Business Development, Marketing & Sales, P&L ownership, 1P & 3P, B2B, B2C & C2C.

He founded Amazon’s Automotive European division and grew it into a multi-billion dollar business; most recently led Amazon’s Global Cross-Border strategy. Before that, he headed up category management at Repco and then eBay Motors which became dominant in the global Vehicle Parts and Accessory space.

Why partner with Partly?

We’re automotive parts experts
Blending 40+ years of combined experience in the parts industry with PhD data talent, we're in a great position to deliver world-class solutions.
We start with the end consumer in mind
We optimise for the success of your customer’s customers, the fitter (mechanic or DIY). We believe that if they’re successful, so do your business.
We’re a strategic partner
See Partly as your e-commerce and data partner with a strategic fit. We are incentivised around your business success.
We deliver
We’ve worked with Fortune 500 Enterprises like eBay and OLX and successfully delivered complex technical integrations.

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