Partly's proprietary global vehicle standard

UVDB - Universal Vehicle Database is the most granular and accurate vehicle standard in the world.

UVDB has over 150,000 vehicle definitions and is regionalised for over 32 different markets

Vehicle Definitions

Vehicle definitions are a detailed classification of vehicles by their relevant base properties. Partly uses vehicle definitions to link to license plates and parts for fitment.

Custom Restrictions

Custom restrictions are specific vehicle properties that are useful in situations where more granular fitment than vehicle definitions are needed.

Granular vehicle structures

The level of detail of UVDB’s vehicle definition is the most accurate yet practical approach for fitment data for the majority of part types.

Researched and maintained in-house

We have a dedicated in-house team of data engineers and industry veterans who research vehicles per country, based on OEM vehicle catalogues.
We constantly improve the list accuracy based on customer feedback, return information, and algorithms comparing internal consistency.

Regionalised vehicle standard

Expand your market with UVDB’s regionalised car parc. UVBD supports vehicle registration, aliases and translations for over 32 different markets.

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