Dedicated parts catalogue management software

Create, maintain, and distribute a complete and accurate parts catalogue.

Use PartsPal as the source of truth for your catalogue

Take control of your data with an intuitive auto parts PIM (Product Information Manager). A cloud-based system allows your cataloging teams to work on PartsPal from multiple locations.

Fastest way to add fitment and information

Get part information and fitment data from the Partly Catalogue database, or add your own data with our auto parts inventory software interface.

Access the Partly Catalogue
Inherit fitment from GCodes
Add fitment easily on PartsPal

Seamless implementation and management of auto parts inventory

PartsPal has all the tools for you to ingest parts and vehicle data from multiple formats. Our expert team will help you clean and structure the data.

Manage multiple sales channel integrations

Add fitment data to your listings on multiple marketplaces and your own website with Partly’s omnichannel integrations.

Accelerate digital growth with Partly today

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