Collaborative OE and Aftermarket Auto Parts Catalogue Software

Adopt the world’s first open and collaborative auto parts database, built independently to benefit the entire parts industry.
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The Partly Open Automotive Data Standard

Our standard provides a common language whereby parts data can be updated, shared and distributed by parts businesses using our automotive parts catalogue software.

This open approach enhances data coverage and accuracy over time, benefiting everyone in the industry.

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Access Partly's Auto Parts Fitment Database

Our automotive parts database contains a global parts catalogue with over 45 millions OEM and Aftermarket parts, each linked to defined vehicles in a vehicle database (UVDB).

Our vehicle-part linking standardisation is industry-leading, providing businesses with incredibly precise fitment data through an auto parts database API.

Enrich your auto parts catalogue with original data

Our auto parts aftermarket database solution connects both OE and aftermarket parts catalogue to verify fitment, find cross-references, and attribute data.

Partly auto parts database users can also access OEM diagrams and get accurate configuration information.

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Democratising access to quality data

No upfront licensing fees

Any business can access Partly Catalogue with a Partly subscription.

Independent data standard

The Partly standard will always remain neutral, never favouring any particular industry group.

Robust data infrastructure

Built and maintained in-house, our online auto parts catalogue is the most reliable and scalable in the industry.

Regular data updates

Get data updates in real-time, driven by Partly and our community.

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