Partly Catalogue

Collaborative OEM and Aftermarket Auto Parts Catalogue

Adopt the world’s first open and collaborative auto parts database, built independently to benefit the entire parts industry.

Independent Standard

The Partly standard provides a common language whereby parts data can be updated, shared and distributed by parts businesses using the Partly Catalogue. The Partly standard will always remain neutral, never favouring any particular industry group.

Increase your supply from over 4,000 brands

Leverage the Partly Catalogue to access part information, including part type, dimensions, weight, cross-references and fitment compatibility.

Leverage OEM data based on the reference catalogues

Interchangeable OEM and Aftermarket parts are grouped in clusters called GCodes, sharing fitment to increase completeness and accuracy.
Inherit fitment from GCodes, with the ability to add or remove fitment for your part.

Sharing auto data Partly

Maintain full control over your data distribution.

Manufacturers can control access to their data using Partly’s Data Access Control. Distributors can be authorized to view and manage their fitment and images.

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