Partly Pricing Modules

Partly modular pricing means you only pay for products and services you need. Below are some of the products and services we provide. Subscriptions start from $10,000 per annum. To get a full quote for your business, please get in touch with our team.



Parts data management tool
Optional sub-modules include:
Headless Storefront
Shopify integration
White labelling PartsPal vehicle search
eBay integration
Partly API integration
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Universal Vehicle Database*
Optional sub-modules include:
Australian Vehicle List
UK Vehicle List
US Vehicle List
License plate search
All countries in our full-support regions. Hover over icon to see full list.
*Price charges per country vehicle list
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Partly Catalogue

Partly Global Auto Parts Catalogue
Optional sub-modules include:
Manufacturer-provided data
Access to all manufacturer-provided data in Partly's auto parts catalogue
Access to Partly Researched data including OEM data
Charges per SKU
Querying GAPC parts via API
Charges per part response
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Partly Services

Custom implementation & data mapping services
Optional sub-modules include:
Partly Brand Research
Researching of Brand Data by Partly's cataloguing team
Implement Partly Vehicle
Adding best-in-class Vehicle Search to your website
Implement Partly Collection
Implement fitment checker and ‘Shop what fits’ functionality
Implement custom buyer experience
AI assisted data research
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Insight & Consulting

Expert consultation on technical and data requirements
Optional sub-modules include:
SEO Consultation
Analysis and consultation on how your site can rank competitively on search engine results
Inventory gap analysis report
Uncover gaps in your product selection to increase conversion rates and sales
Development Consultation
Partly developer & data scientist consultation/implementation time on custom projects
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does Partly pricing work?


‍Partly modular pricing means you only pay for products and services you need. In most cases, our customers use multiple sub-modules across various modules, you can refer to question 2 for examples of common use cases. The unit of pricing is dependent on the sub-module, the list below covers the most common unit of pricing in our modules.

  • PartsPal software and integrations (ie. Shopify, eBay & API) - monthly subscription
  • Partly Vehicle List - monthly licensing fee per country
  • Partly Researched data (including OEM data) - one-off fee per SKU
  • Querying GAPC parts via the API - charged per part response 
  • Data mapping services - one-off fee per SKU
  • Custom implementation - one-off fee
  • Consulting & Insights - hourly rate

To get a full quote for your business, please get in touch with our team.

2. What are some common examples of how Partly pricing works?


For Retailers: PartsPal subscription, Shopify integration, eBay integration, API integration (if e-commerce platform isn’t Shopify), Vehicle list (2-3 countries), access to manufacturer-provided data, access to Partly researched data, Shopify implementation services.

Auto parts solution for retailers

For manufacturers: PartsPal subscription, API integration, Vehicle list (2-3 countries), data mapping services, researching of brand data, developer consultation.

Auto parts solution for manufacturers

For marketplace resellers: PartsPal subscription (to add fitment to eBay listings), eBay integration, Vehicle list (1-2 countries), access to manufacturer-provided data

Auto parts solution for marketplace resellers

3. How much do I have to pay?


We don’t offer one-size-fits-all pricing and would encourage you to book a call with our team. Based on your business needs, our experts will be able to offer the most suitable products/services and provide a full quote.