Why add parts compatibility filtering to your website with a car parts database

November 30, 2021

Auto parts ecommerce websites that aim for success in the field should consider integrating a car parts database into their website. This will not only make their website more accessible, but it will also improve the sales volume, bringing in more new customers and keeping old ones interested. 

However, if you really want to see increased sales, consider adding a car parts database that checks for part compatibility and fitment. This robust feature greatly helps car parts businesses to drive sales up immensely. 

Unlike discovery based shopping, in the car parts market, buyers typically want to see a single result, the part that fits. Therefore it is important for businesses to be able to limit results and simply show customers the parts that are compatible with their cars. If customers don’t have this certainty, they normally have to go through the catalogue and manually search for the parts that will fit their car. 

Manual compatibility checking is a very time-consuming process, and not everyone is willing to do it. As a result, 93% end up not completing the sale online. A parts compatibility database is a special tool that helps customers cross-check fitment data from the main source, allowing them to easily check whether the parts will fit or not. 

The benefits of adding a parts compatibility database

A car parts database is already a huge booster towards sales. Here are some of the benefits that you gain by adding a standardised, fully accessible and highly accurate car parts database into your website.

Automatic listing of fitment data, images and other information

When you add a car parts database to your website, it will automatically list out all the fitment data of a certain part, as well as which makes of car will go well with it. Because some spare parts may fit different cars, having a database that lists out reliable fitment data as well as the make of cars that the parts fit is a huge plus. As a result, customers will not have to deal with information overload. 

With a highly accurate and accessible car parts database, customers need not spend a lot of time looking at the catalogue. They just feed in some important information and they get a list of compatible parts up their screen. This way, customers will be able to buy the parts they need, and they are more likely to make purchases again.

Increased data accuracy 

The main function of a car parts database is to automatically update fitment data whenever there is a new update or a new product. This will remove the need for a manual catalogue, freeing a lot of time for car part business owners to attend to more important things than managing their inventories. Because the updates are automated, the information they have will also be highly accurate. There will be no room for human errors during the update.

As the parts compatibility module lists out the multiple vehicles that fit perfectly with the parts, customers will not have to look through the catalogue repeatedly in order to find this information. This also reduces the chance of mistaking buying a part for another car model, reducing the number of returns.

Another upside of adding a parts compatibility module is the fact that businesses can avoid duplicated postings. If the store owner is not being careful, they might post a duplicate posting of a part, which might clutter your online store. As the parts compatibility module gathers every compatible vehicle into one place, you will not have to worry about duplications. 

Higher customer satisfaction

Customers do not like it when they have to spend a lot of time running through a catalogue or constantly asking the store’s support team a lot of questions. By adding a car parts database to your website, you will offer easier access to highly accurate information to customers. They will be able to do their own research with ease, and their buying process will be much quicker. As a result, customers will be much more satisfied with their purchases.

Because car parts databases list out all the compatible vehicles, there is also a chance for upselling here. If a customer needs replacement parts for other vehicles that share the same part requirements, they will be able to grab everything in one go. This will also vastly improve their experience and their satisfaction. 

Better online sales success 

As the listings of the parts also show up on Google searches, increasing their accuracy will be a great way to improve your ranking on Google. When your products show up more on Google searches, you could expect a lot of new interest in your products. With a parts compatibility feature, customers will gain even faster access to the right parts.

You could also use the data generated by the parts compatibility module to help with upselling. When customers have put a certain part into their cart the marketing team can use this data in order to recommend other parts that may be compatible with their vehicles. The customers will be more likely to buy more, increasing your sales substantially. 

Faster access to data 

With a car parts database, it is easier for customers to gain quick access to the necessary fitment data. Before, when customers wanted to know more about the fitment data of a certain part, they had to request information from different sources. That process was long and time-consuming. 

Now, with modern vehicle parts databases, access to data is more open than ever. Customers can easily cross-check as well as cross-search the parts’ compatibility on your website, making the purchase process much easier for them. 

Reliable and accurate information

It is extremely important to install only the car parts database with accurate data. The wrong data could end up with the customers buying the wrong parts which they then have to return. The best car parts databases will adhere to strict vehicle and product data standards. This will help to vastly improve the accuracy of the fitment data on your website. 

A car parts database also gets automatically updated on a regular basis. As a result, there’s no need to do this task manually, which can end up with human errors if it is not done carefully enough. 

A car parts database is a great feature to add to every car parts ecommerce website. It helps to reduce clutters by automatically listing out the compatible cars as well as the relevant fitment data for each part of your website. Customers will not have to go through the catalogue anymore, and they can get all the fitment data they need in one place. 

Furthermore, this feature is particularly helpful if you are looking to upsell or recommend other products to customers. With a parts compatibility module, online sales of a car parts business gets boosted, attracting even more customers.