What’s New at Partly - October Update

October 27, 2022
What’s New at Partly - October Update

The Partly team has been busy working on some new features in the past months. Here are the key updates:

  1. Year restrictions for eBay
  2. Customise PartsPal integration on Shopify
  3. Better URL structure for SEO

Year restrictions for eBay

Year restrictions are helpful if you need to limit the years of the vehicles you've selected. For example, take this UVDB vehicle definition, which is granular enough for the majority of parts that fit this vehicle: **

Holden Colorado 2013-present LTZ RG U1348LK Crew Cab Pickup RWD LWH, XLD28 2.8L l4 147Kw Turbo Intercooled Diesel

However, there are a few parts, like a Headlight Trim that fit only from 2013-2016 due to a facelift. You can now add year restrictions to your parts on PartsPal and publish those restrictions to eBay.

Find out more about Custom Restrictions here:

Customise PartsPal integrations directly on Shopify

Shopify’s new Online Store 2.0 has unlocked improvements

Previously, our snippets such as the vehicle selector and collection page had to be added and edit manually using their code editor. Now you can do so through the theme “Customised Window”

Find out more about PartsPal Integration here

Better URL structure for SEO

We have now improved product listing URLs with a format that’s better for SEO. We now generate more information in the URL so your product is more likely to show up in search results. The format is now /<product name>-<brand>-<part-number>-<sku>

Have feedback or want to get in touch?

If you have any questions about the product or other feature requests, we'd also love to hear them! Get in touch with us at info@partly.com.


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