What’s New at Partly - January 2022 Update

November 7, 2023

There have been some major and exciting changes in PartsPal recently that we're super excited to share with you, including:

  • New product dashboard
  • Improved vehicle selector
  • New cross-reference data

With these improvements, you can reconcile product information and get them ready to be published faster. Read on to learn more.

Greater catalogue visibility with the new PartsPal dashboard

Over the last month, a major focus of our team has been to improve the product dashboard, making it informative and actionable. The new dashboard now gives you a clear view of:

  • The number of products published to each of your sales channels, or are ready to be published
  • Issues blocking the remaining products from being published
  • The number of products for each brand and the fitment coverage for each brand

You can view and add missing information to products in your catalogue at a glance.

Product validation now available for each sales channel

You can now see the issues blocking a product from being published to each sales channel - no more confusion on why it's not working, whether publishing to Shopify or eBay.

Add fitment faster

The 'add fitment' feature has also gone through some major improvements. It's as simple as selecting a part in your catalogue, selecting vehicles that fit and clicking 'Add fitted vehicles'.

Improved vehicle selector

Making the vehicle selector fast means your customers will have a better buying experience. This is why we invested a lot of time to speed it up.

When your customer types in their vehicle, the selector now brings up the search results 50% faster than before. Improvements have also been made to ensure more accurate results. More changes are coming soon with this interface to make it even easier for shoppers to find their vehicle quickly.

Data updates

Our data team is in the progress of importing a large number of cross-references to our database. Once this import finishes, most of the parts in the database will have more links to their equivalent parts. (One cross-reference = one link between two interchangeable parts)

We've also been adding many new vehicles in regions like Poland, Australia and New Zealand. Our vehicle database (UVDB) now has 28,757 vehicles in Poland, 15,292 in Australia and 17,598 vehicles in New Zealand.

A large number of OEM parts for Nissan and Land Rover were also recently added.

Have feedback or want to get in touch?

If you have any questions about the product or other feature requests, we'd also love to hear them! Get in touch with us at info@partly.com.


Senior Product Manager