What's New at Partly - December Update

January 30, 2023
What's New at Partly - December Update

We have an exciting set of updates to see 2022 off with a bang. Here’s what’s new at Partly:

  1. Real-time progress when syncing with sales channels
  2. Improved fitment interface
  3. Improved part details interface

Track real-time progress when syncing with sales channels

Track updates in real-time as you copy products or publish to a connected sales channel. This provides greater visibility into the changes that are happening.

Add and manage fitment easily in PartsPal

We have significantly improved the fitment tab. Along with a more user-friendly interface, we’ve now made it possible to add custom restrictions to multiple vehicles at once.

Editing part details and attributes just got a lot quicker

We have rebuilt the part details tabs. It is now easier and faster to:

  • View and edit information on a part.
  • Link or change a product listing with the catalogue part

On top of this, we now show where the data is sourced from, so you can know if this part is provided by the manufacturer, an authorised distributor, researched by Partly’s catalogue team, or elsewhere so you can have better confidence in the part details attached to your listings.

Even more updates

  • Ability to generate and publish fitment notes per vehicle to eBay, including custom restrictions for each vehicle.
  • Improved user experience when selecting products to publish to eBay, with the option to publish selected, filtered, or all products. The number of products to be updated is now displayed in advance.
  • Customize the filters displayed on Partly's Shopify collection plugin for greater flexibility.

Have feedback or want to get in touch?

If you have any questions about the product or other feature requests, we'd also love to hear them!

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