What’s New at Partly - April 2022 Update

November 7, 2023

In the past months, the team has been busy working on some new features that I'm excited to share with you. Here are the key updates:

  • Search by number plate
  • New, more intuitive 'My Catalog' interface
  • Create rich product listings

Search by number plate

As your customers will not always know all the details about their vehicle, the vehicle selector now allows buyers to input vehicle registration numbers and see which of your parts will fit their vehicle.

Please note that this is currently only available in Australia, with more regions coming in the future. If you want us to consider launching this feature in your country, please request by replying to this email.

New interface for 'My Catalog'

We have moved the filters into a new section at the top of the page, adding better controls to see products on your sales channels, items with fitment, and much more.

With the new update, there is now more room for you to view your products, enabling us to add brand and images right into the product table!

Create rich product listings from PartsPal

Product descriptions on PartsPal have transitioned from plain text to fully dynamic rich pages. This enables custom description with full rich text capability, using elements like image, font, color, and even advanced HTML/CSS.

This feature helps you create truly unique product descriptions that stand out on marketplaces and your website.

Other updates

A faster way to add fitments

On PartsPal, there is now the ability to inherit fitment and cross-references from the OEM part. This makes it much faster to add in this data for interchangeable parts.

Part types and more now available in more languages

We now support French, Spanish, Italian, and Polish in PartsPal for all our part types and categories.

Have feedback or want to get in touch?

If you have any questions about the product or other feature requests, we'd also love to hear them! Get in touch with us at info@partly.com.


Senior Product Manager