UVDB is the most detailed and accurate vehicle database in the world

The community and industry-driven global standard for vehicle data.

Standardise and distribute your vehicle data

Utilize a database of 70 million vehicle configurations to standardise your vehicle data and distribute it to connected accounts and third parties.

Illustration for vehicle database

Standardised vehicle data

Overcome the limitations of an internal vehicle list

Use the industry-recognised standard to communicate with distributors, buyers, marketplaces and online stores

Communicate with your parts catalog

UVDB links with Global Auto Parts Catalog, with over 36 million part numbers, unlocking OE level fitment data

Vehicle Database Configuration fitment with multiple attributes

Accurate and maintained

Accurate Vehicle Configuration Data

With vehicles evolving and becoming more configurable, base vehicle (Year Make Model) data is not accurate or sufficient enough. UVDB configuration level data details transmission, body style, drive type, engine and more

Maintained by us

Keep up to date with UVDB accurate and up to date 70 million vehicle configurations

Open usage

Distribute your vehicle data freely with no licensing fees

Usage-based pricing means that you only pay for what you need and connected accounts can access your vehicle data with no additional licensing fees

Simple and clear API

GraphQL and clear documentation make UVDB easy to use and distribute

Region specific data

UVDB automatically translates vehicle configurations into the best local definitions, unlocking global opportunities.


Whether you're just querying vehicles or building a full platform integration, we've got a solution for you.

API Connection

UVBD’s clear and simple APIs allows for many possible uses cases such as:
- Marketplaces
- Auto Industry Software/Saas
- Fleet Management

Turnkey Solution

Add a vehicle selector (Year Make Model Filter) with UVDB data to your website through PartsPal.
- Auto Distributors
- Dealerships