GAPC is the most detailed and accurate parts catalogue in the world

Add vehicle fitment and part information to your products from the industry standard parts catalogue.

Democratizing access to part information

GAPC is a community and industry-driven standard.


million OEM


million Aftermarket




part types

Fitment Data API illustration showing database

Global Industry Standard

Communicate across different regions and standards

GAPC communicates with multiple data standards and marketplaces around the world, including:
- eBay US, Australia and most European countries
- Amazon US, Australia and UK

Region specific translation

Parts are translated to region specific names, for example "Hood" in North America is automatically translated to Bonnet.

Accurate Part Information

Part Information

A catalogue part has part number, brand, categories, description, dimensions, weight information.

Fitment data

GAPC links with UVDB (Universal Vehicle Database) providing accurate configuration level fitment data

Global Auto Parts Catalog showing GraphQl Database relationship between parts and vehicle configuration
Global Auto Parts Catalog cross reference showing link between an OE part with the Aftermarket equivalent

Cross Reference

OE equivalent Aftermarket Part

Aftermarket parts are matched to their OE equivalent, providing OE level part information and fitment data for aftermarket parts.


Up to date information on superseded/replaced by parts are provided


Whether you're just querying vehicles or building a full platform integration, we've got a solution for you.

API Connection

GAPC’s clear and simple APIs allows for many possible uses cases such as:
- Marketplaces
- Auto Industry Software/Saas
- Fleet Management

Turnkey Solution

Increase buyer conversion and reduce return rates by adding part information and fitment data to your website.
PartsPal allows distributors and dealerships to utilize GAPC without any development.
- Auto Distributors
- Dealerships