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Fitment Data

Get ahead of your competition with fitment data

Increase buyer conversion and reduce return rates with detailed and accurate vehicle compatibility.

Auto parts e-commerce store with fitment data

Information from Industry-standard Databases

PartsPal's fitment data is centred around 2 industry-standard databases - UVDB and GAPC. These 2 databases communicate with each other, providing accurate and detailed fitment data.

Parts Catalog and Vehicle Database access with PartsPal

Access UVDB and GAPC data

These databases can be accessed via API which require significant development to implement.

PartsPal's interface allows you to utilize UVDB and GAPC powerful databases without writing a line of code.

Powerful automation

Automatically link your products with catalog parts

Product data such as dimensions, weight, descriptions will be automatically added to your products.

Categorise your parts into collections

PartsPal automatically categories your parts in collections based on the GAPC category tree.

Auto Parts Catalog API matching with products automatically
Manage and distribute your parts catalog

Create and manage catalog parts

PartsPal allows you to add catalog parts to GAPC, making it easy to distribute your parts with any 3rd party in a universal standard.

Cross Reference

OE equivalent aftermarket part

Aftermarket parts are matched to their OE equivalent, providing OE level part information and fitment data for aftermarket parts


Up to date information on superseded/replaced by parts are provided

Auto parts fitment cross reference aftermarket with OE equivalent

Get ahead of your competition with PartsPal

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