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Help your distribution network deliver the right part first time

Add your brand to the Partly Catalogue to save time and resources distributing data downstream. Work with a data standard that speaks their language.

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Streamlining data distribution with a single flexible standard

Onboard your data once with Partly and distribute to your customer base, wherever they are in the world.

Access new markets

Partly's vehicle standard is available to all of your customers, making distribution and adoption straightforward.

Control your brand image online

Enhance your online customer experience by directly distributing data to the businesses selling your product.

Save time and money

Consolidate your data into a single source of truth, simplifying maintenance and enabling efficient distribution.


Applications built on top of the Partly Platform

Discover powerful apps integration to save time and resources, expand to new markets, and more.

How it works

Take control of data onboarding yourself with Partly PIM or let our team of data transformation experts handle it for you.

1. Register

Schedule a consultation with our Data Partnerships team to discuss your needs and receive a tailored proposal based on your requirements.

2. Onboard

After the consultation, you'll gain standard access to Partly PIM, our user-friendly PIM software, and receive comprehensive training to seamlessly onboard your data to the Partly Data Standard.

3. Distribute

Integrate your sales channel partners and effortlessly publish your data in various formats. Partly's access controls allow you to share with a single authorised distributor, a group, or the entire Partly network.

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Manual data adding, cleaning, mapping & quality assurance are time-consuming and resource intensive. We can provide the expertise and resources to transform your data.

Schedule a consultation with our Data Partnerships team to discuss your needs and receive a tailored proposal based on your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can access my data once my brand is in the Partly Standard?

As the owner of the brand, you have Data Access Control permissions. You will have full control over which sellers are able to view and manage your data.

Are there any costs involved in being a Data Partner?

No, Party does not charge for a self-managed data onboarding. We do offer a paid data transformation service and other services.

What other products and service do Partly provide?

Partly build bespoke Enterprise solutions to solve complex data infrastructure problems for the automotive industry. Alongside Data Standards, PIM & Data Transformation services, Partly offer industry leading products to create exceptional automotive parts buying experiences.

What if I want to distribute my data to other standards/channels not mentioned above?

Get in touch with our team to discuss any specific requirements.

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