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Auto parts retailers, distributors and manufacturers are selling more parts online with Partly fitment solutions. Don't just take our word for it, check out the example stores below.
Region: Europe (Italy/France/Spain)

Mauto Global

75% fitment coverage and 50k parts published on Shopify
Mauto distributes two aftermarket brands including Ridex and Stark parts in the Europe market. Without fitment data, launching their eCommerce store was challenging. Their business needed both a parts catalog software and the data that powers it. Through cross-referencing aftermarket parts with OEM parts on our database, we managed to provide fitment data for over 37,000 parts, giving their catalog a 75% fitment coverage.

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Region: Asia Pacific

Barra Enthusiasts

70% fitment coverage
Barra Enthusiasts sells Ford Barra parts to a community of Ford Barra lovers. When preparing to launch their store, they tried all the Year Make Model app on the Shopify app store but couldn't find a solution that provides fitment data. Combining both the data from our database GAPC and manual data mapping, we managed to increase fitment coverage for their store to 70%. Features like Vehicle Selector and Fitment Check are frequently used and loved by their customers.

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Region: Central America

Repuestos Internet

100% fitment coverage and 50k parts published
When coming to us, Repuestos Internet already had the fitment data and was looking for a system to centralise their parts catalog. We translated their the data from ACES/PIES format to the Partly standard and provided their team with a tool to manage all parts in one place that is PartsPal.

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Region: Asia Pacific

Fast Auto Parts

40% fitment coverage and 40k parts on Shopify
Based out of Australia, Fast Auto Parts sells a range of parts from filters to exhausts. Through PartsPal, they got fitment data for over 10,000 parts from the Partly Databases (both vehicle database and parts catalog). Our ‘Add Fitment’ feature is enabling their team to manually add more fitment data 4 times faster than their previous process (which involved countless spreadsheets and man hours).

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