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Help your buyers find the right part with fitment data

Add the world’s most accurate parts finder to your Shopify website. Automatically add fitment from thousands of brand catalogues and sell online in 1 click.

Match fitment from your part number and brand

Upload your parts list and our software will take care of the rest

Partly's database has over 42 million catalog parts, 4000 brands and 30,000 part types

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Manage your own fitment data, or get fitment from the Partly database

Manage your own fitment data

Our team will help you process and translate data from any major format or standard

Data from the Partly Database

Access vehicle compatibility and part information from a database containing over 55 million catalog parts

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Fitment data added to shopify listing

Add fitment to your Shopify and eBay listings

Shopify Integrations

Our advanced integrations allow your buyers to filter parts based on their vehicle and check that their parts are compatible.


Partly translates fitment to eBay's format, allowing you to maximize your reach by selling on multiple platforms.

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Sell more parts

Reach a wider consumer base online and increase conversions rates with higher buyer confidence

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Reduce returns

Reduce costly returns with accurate and detailed fitment data

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Save employee hours

Automate away time spent researching compatibility and answering customer queries

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How the auto parts API is changing the auto parts market landscape

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Shopify Auto Parts Website with Year Make Model Lookup with fitment data

Customer story

"I was amazed at how much fitment was added in a short amount of time. We had previously spent months researching and adding fitment, which PartsPal was able to automate.

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