Managing New Zealand’s largest range of wheels & tyres with PartsPal

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Magwarehouse is a Kiwi business built up and established using good old fashioned family values. Nathan Joll started Magwarehouse in 2002 and has New Zealand’s largest range of wheels & tyres. Prior to using PartsPal, they sold their parts in-store and online on Trade Me, a New Zealand marketplace.

Before PartsPal, Magwarehouse were dealing with multiple pain points

1. Listing their parts online was hard and time consuming

There are a number of ways Magwarehouse source their wheels & tyres:

  • Suppliers from USA, like Rough Country
  • Purchase wheels from local suppliers like DTM that are on special, or bulk discounts.
  • Second hand trade ins

They have 5 staff members that will list parts online, alongside their usual tasks.

This process was time consuming, and labor intensive.

2. Managing their parts was painful

They used to take photos of parts with their phones and email those photos to the work computer. The way they knew someone had uploaded a part online was whether the email had been clicked to be unread.

This meant they had thousands of dollars worth of stock lying around the warehouse that they had lost track of. Keeping track of what they had in stock was by me or notes and spreadsheets around the workshop.

3. Frustrated with Trade Me

They have become increasingly frustrated with high volume listing and success fees, and the lack of wheel and tyre fitment data on TradeMe. They are also unhappy with the user experience, from buyers and seller’s side.

They wanted to have their own website, complete with wheel and tyre fitment, YMM search and vehicle fitment check.

The solution? PartsPal

They use PartsPal as an end-to-end solution to manage their auto parts inventory. They onboard parts in seconds with PartsPal’s Quick List app, saving them at least 7 hours a week per staff member. The parts are pushed to their sales channels: Trade Me, their website (which is managed by PartsPal and also the Partly marketplace.

The customer experience is improved with the YMM search, and they can purchase with confidence with the vehicle fitment.

They now keep track of their entire business with PartsPal.