How we live our values

Our core values define what is truly important to us. They guide decision-making, aid in performance feedback, and provide a framework for hiring. They are used in our 1-on-1s and everyday communication.

While we may change or adapt our strategy, core values are the foundations we build from.

Be an owner

We care deeply and are highly engaged. We take responsibility, look for solutions, and do what needs to be done. We take the initiative, don't wait for instructions, and are comfortable with ambiguity. We never say, “that’s not my job", and always act in Partly’s best interest.

Bias for action

Most decisions are not one-way doors, and we value calculated risks. We have a bias toward action and delivering results. Speed is critical, and often the perfect solution delivered late actually harms our buyers.

Number 8 Wire Mentality

We value ingenuity and resourcefulness. Our can-do attitude and practical problem-solving ability let us be creative in our approaches, and build with very little. We try to “figure it out” before passing work to others.

Reason from First Principles

We care about the detail, rethink fundamentals, and are sceptical when data and anecdotes differ. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. We debate avidly, challenge each other vigorously, and push back.

Think 10X

We set huge goals, pursue excellence, and move fast to help our buyers. We aspire to be the best in the world at what we do. We avoid incremental improvements and find 10x gains. Even when things are going well, we are not satisfied.

Great Judgement

We are right a lot, have strong judgment, and good instincts. We have a great common-sense grounding. We seek different perspectives and actively challenge our assumptions.

Maintain a High Bar

We have exceptionally high standards. Many people may think these standards are unreasonably high. Every hire raises the bar, and every promotion exemplifies these standards. We are ambitious - Partly will never be described as a cushy place to work.

Earn Trust

We communicate in a way that earns trust and enhances relationships. We are reliable and treat others with respect. We admit our mistakes and are sincere in our interactions.

Value Feedback

We know how valuable thoughtful, sincere feedback is. We understand healthy discussions include disagreements, even when it’s uncomfortable. Giving feedback is routine and habitual across the entire company.

Buyer Obsession

We obsess over the buyer, and work backwards. We build trust and consistently put ourselves in our buyer's shoes. As we build, we ask, “how does this impact our buyers?” and “who will care?”. When we’re debating points of view, we always ask, “How does this help the buyer?”.